Overview & History

Oklahoma Getaways | Rivers Edge Cottages

About Rivers Edge

Rivers Edge is comprised of 12 beautiful cottages located along the Mountain Fork River on 300 private acres, 3.4 miles northeast of Watson, Oklahoma. Watson is a small community on Highway 4 in NE McCurtain County, 6.5 miles east of Smithville, OK. Watson has a post office and a convenience store.

With the idea of creating a river front getaway to provide guests with the opportunity to relax, reconnect, and enjoy the beautiful setting along the scenic Mountain Fork River, Tim and Suzy Knapp began Rivers Edge in October, 2000.


Our Approach

At Rivers Edge, we’ve had no interest in operating the way most businesses do. We seek to treat people the way we want to be treated. And I don’t mean that strictly from a “golden rule” sense. From the beginning, Suzy and I set out to provide what we personally would want in a getaway. That meant saying no to several things—no secondhand furnishings, no worn out bedding, no hard-set policies that we don’t budge on—to name a few. We must have policies for how we do business, but there are rules of thumb that go beyond our policies. Rules that are good for people. Our employees are never second guessed for decisions that are generous to our guests. That’s because the highest value we have is people. Our goal is to always value people. Our guests, our employees.


The Owners

After several years in New York City, Tim and Suzy now live in Nashville, TN, where Suzy is applying her considerable interior design and consulting skills through Hook and Hearth. You may subscribe to her blog there. They are still quite involved with Rivers Edge, coming in regularly to do renovations, redesign interiors, and enjoy the river. 

For information on things to do, how to get here, what to bring, and all things fishing, hiking, etc., check out the blog at Riversedgecottages.com (coming soon).

Feel free to  reach out to the owners directly by emailing Suzy or Tim. Call the office directly anytime at 580-244-7296. Tim and Suzy still answer the phone during after hours.

Fall Foliage, Fishing, and Weather

The land at Rivers Edge consists of a combination of hardwood and pine, providing plenty of color during the fall months. Peak foliage typically happens between mid-October and mid-November, with it most likely being near November 1. Color begins to show up by the first week in October as temperatures beginning to cool somewhat. 

Springtime here is wonderful. The redbuds and wildflowers abound along the river, and dogwoods are plentiful from early April into May. Summers get hot with temps reaching the 90's. Winters require a jacket, but are typically mild, with only occasional snow (which usually does't last long). Our climate is very similar to the rest of the state as well as northeastern Texas.

The entire property, some 300 acres, is surrounded by the Mountain Fork River. Much of our land is a sort of peninsula with the river on three sides. This offers plenty of access to the river from above the Riverbend Cabin all the way past Goat Rock. We don't offer canoe shuttles, but paddling back upstream is typically not too much of a challenge.  Fishing is usually good March through October, but is affected by rain. If so, the pond is always an option as it is stocked with big bluegill and bass. No fishing license is required as our guests on our property. There are plenty of trails to walk or hike along the river and in other areas of the property. Quiet, utility atvs are welcome, but trail riding is limited. All roads in end on our property, so traffic is pretty much limited to guests and employees of Rivers Edge. Something to keep in mind is that our property is secluded and mountainous, meaning cell service can be spotty, especially along the river, so don't depend on your GPS. Bring a printed map from our website if possible. Some cabins have wifi and televisions, but not all.